Kastra Without You Art Cover

Following October’s “Don’t Stop The Music,” the new single finds Kastra ascending further towards synth pop euphoria as he and collaborator Linney open up about how vital their respective relationships proved to be at the start of lockdown.


“Along with ‘Fool For You’, ‘Without You’ was one of the records I made during lockdown last year and I think it really captures the mood of how a lot of us were feeling,” Kastra elaborates in a quote. “It's one of the more delicate pieces of music I have ever released but I think that makes the drop section even more impactful.”

“[‘Without You’] is about finding your person,” Linney told Austin Kramer's Unreleased in a recent interview. “Someone who inspires you to live life to its fullest, take those risks. When you’re too afraid to jump, they’re there to catch you. When you’re too afraid to get hurt, they love you harder, they love you more. “Without You” is about how your person has helped make you who you are, and you love them all the more for it.”

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